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Welcome to Babyworks!

Website Acknowledgments

It took a whole team of us, pooling ideas and talent, along with hard work and countless hours, to bring our new website to life. We hope you like it.

Ben Worsley

Ben was responsible for creating the look and warm color palette of the site, which I love - not to mention selecting the website platform and making the whole thing work -- not a simple matter. He is a creative and inspired graphic artist and web designer, who would take the extensive content I generated and transform it into a visually appealing package. He has been pleasant to work with and I am very grateful for his talents.


Adrienne Butzer

Adrienne, who worked at Babyworks for many years, did much of the original photography on this website, outside the few that were furnished by manufacturers and other more casual shots.  This includes still photos of products; photos of clothing on the beautiful children of our customers, employees and friends; and my own portrait.   She also spent many hours working on the images for the site, as well as lots of testing and review of the site's content and function. She has her own photography business, and can be reached at  She is available for freelance work, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a great portrait or still life photographer ,who brings not only talent but a creative eye to her work. 


Beth works at Babyworks part time and also owns her own business,, a great site for fair trade gift items and home goods. Beth knows the website platform we were working in, and spent countless hours working on functionality issues as well as determining the best way to set up all of the products, and being our in-house consultant. She seems able to solve most any problem.

And others:

Kristin, my oldest daughter, offered astute observations and suggestions throughout the whole process, both from her eye as a news reporter, and from the perspective of a potential customer.

Sarah, who works at Babyworks, used her keen observational skills and product knowledge to point out visual and content things that I would have missed.

My mom
, Faye, was a great support throughout this whole process, giving encouragement as well as excellent suggestions, as she has always done, in so many ways, for so many years.

You - the customer, friend, or colleague - who will offer even more ideas and help us to refine the site and the information contained herein even more - and point out anything we might have missed.